A Common Platform For Personalized And Holistic Healthcare Information

Robust and well-developed technology interlinking experienced doctors, trusted clinics, certified pharmacies, labs and patients to ease the process of healthcare.

Introducing SmartCare
Introducing SmartCare

Introducing SmartCare

A Cloud-based Healthcare Platform

SmartCare is developed to digitalize and simplify the task of integrating everything related to Healthcare, including medical, clinical & pharmaceutical procurement and maintenance of records. It is founded by the Sweden based company SmartCareAnalytica AB, a Healthcare Information Technology company committed to providing innovative solutions with knowledge-enabled tools that empower healthcare professionals to manage, track and automate their operational, administrative and financial processes. SmartCare is the business application to run every aspect of a clinic.

With many avenues to digital doctor appointments, tele-medicines etc, our cloud-based solutions could be accessed anywhere through mobile app and web app. SmartCare is the first step in your journey of health management. Its features like appointment booking, clinical reports, prescriptions, etc, combined with the storing of health records make it hands-on for everyone from Doctors to Patients to manage health with ease and precision.

Smartcare vision


Our vision is to provide the best technologies to healthcare clinics and help society to improve their quality of life. We trust that it can be achieved by offering innovative, cost-effective and user-friendly products and services. We believe that our products will build mutually beneficial relationships between healthcare professionals and the patients.

Smartcare mission


Our mission is to grow our business by using innovation, creativity and the best skills to improve patient health by constantly enhancing the quality of our products and services. We thrive for operational excellence by using our innovative products and being effective in everything we do.

Smartcare philosophy


We believe in delivering effective and accurate healthcare with a commitment to offering innovative and creative products and customer service to meet the requirements of each of our customer’s individual needs.

An Integrated Healthcare Platform

Simple, Streamlined & Seamlessly Interlinked

SmartCare is a tech-driven consolidated platform that automates complete Clinic processes and patient record management. Applying a patient-centric approach, Smartcare ensures that care delivery keeps pace with technological advancements. With additional benefits like reduced processing time, care continuum and 360-degree services, be rest assured in your health journey with us.

A platform that supports clinical & operational decisions in multiple ways, multiple times a day, enabling better patient healthcare protocols. It supports management of patient data, treatment plans, history & notes. Further, it enables processes of handling doctors and their appointments, both online & offline. Its features allow managing staff like visiting doctors, associated pharmacies & pathology labs and general staff. Beyond management utilities, it also supports the generation & analysis of growth charts, payment reports - pharmacy & pathology sales and administration completely on the go.

Smart care Platform Connecting Everyone

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Important Features

SmartCare Platform

SmartCare empowers patients to access healthcare by reducing the necessity of visiting a clinic whenever possible. With its wide network of outpatient clinics, Smartcare delivers healthcare services across the country. Designed for ease and simplicity, patients can very simply join to; get answers, get treatment and get well.

Smartcare Fully Digitized Clinic Set-up​
Fully Digitized Clinic Set-up​
Smartcare Appointment Calendar
Appointment Calendar​
Smartcare v
Dedicated Dashboard
Smartcare Accessible Online data
Accessible Online data​
Smartcare Consultation
Smartcare Quick Support​
Quick Support​
Smartcare Easy Payments​​
Easy Payments​​
Smartcare Discount & Promotions
Discount & Promotions
Smartcare Notifications
Smartcare Privacy & Security
Privacy & Security
Smartcare Standard Reports
Standard Reports​
Smartcare Follow-up & Referrals
Follow-up & Referrals​

The Founders Of SmartCare

Surendra Kumar

Surendra is an enthusiastic, confident, and multi-skilled professional with all-round functional and technical expertise from large IT program, having worked for more than 12 years with IBM and also running other businesses including consulting services. He is passionate to improve the overall outcome for the patients by providing a fully integrated healthcare platform which is highly interactive and optimized to save time and money. He has an MBA from University of Madras. He has also been the founder and partner of several other companies.

Henrik Uddén

Henrik has an extensive background from Finance, IT, Sales and Management from MNCs like PwC and IBM. He has held several Leadership and Management Positions during his 25 years of experience in the consulting practice like Nordic Sales Leader, Global Project Executive, Recruitment Leader and Account Partner. Henrik has an extensive experience within Healthcare having worked several years in the industry leading large engagements both in Sweden and in Norway. He has a MSc in Business Administration & Economics from Stockholm School of Business / Stockholm University.